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A7FLNV Week 2 Recap

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

A7FLNV Fall 2022 Week 2 Recap
A7FLNV Fall 2022 Week 2 Recap

Week 2

In the second week of the A7FL Nevada’s Fall Brawl Pre-Season Tournament, fans across the Silver State witnessed history.

For the first time in the nine-year history of the no helmets, no pads, and all-action tackle football league, a non-east coast division played host to a televised broadcast.

Not only did we witness history on the Silver State Sports and Entertainment Network, but A7FL Nevada fans also saw two teams start to take a foothold early in our Fall exhibition season.

Hunters vs Insomniacs

Opening the day was the expansion Las Vegas Hunters, a week removed from a nailbiting 21-20 win over the Vegas Gold, battling the Insomniacs, who looked to rebound from a decisive week one loss at the hands of the Pit Bosses.

The Hunters lived up to their name as they prowled the field of Bonanza Stadium, with 99 rushing yards in just the first quarter of play, ending the day with over 200 yards rushing. Rookie Quarterback Kwame “Kay Uno” Southall led the charge for the Hunters, who would score twice and average over 12.6 yards a rush.

It would not just be the offense leading the way for the Hunters, as the defense would set a new high watermark for themselves, sending Insomniacs Quintin Iriarte to the turf five times in the process of remaining undefeated with a score of 32-6.

Gold vs Kryptonite

The second game of the day featured a Vegas Gold team that kept paces with the Hunters in week one against a Kryptonite team seeking to right the ship following a week one loss to the Over The Top.

Featuring two new weapons on offense, the Kryptonite turned the Gold into pyrite as A7FL Nevada Offensive Player of the Year and A7FL MVP Candidate Anthony “RTC” Wilkerson would join the Kryptonite and help set up a balanced offense yielding 407 yards on the day.

Keeping the Kryptonite soaring like a speeding bullet in the air was the new quarterback and Vegas football legend, Darnell Richardson, as the man known as “Smoove” threw for 278 yards on the day.

The Gold would not go gently into that good night though, as they would win the air battle, tossing for 332 yards on the day, despite an early injury to starting Quarterback Jeremiah Reeves. Gregory Smith, traditionally a Wide Receiver would step in to keep the Gold in the game until the final moments of the fourth quarter.

Unable to stop their opponents after getting within three, the Gold would fall to the North Vegas Kryptonite, 39-36.

over the top vs pit bosses

The week’s featured matchup saw the Over The Top and the most talked about rookie in the Nevada division this fall, Sayvionne Cunningham taking on the presumptive favorites to win this fall, and the burgeoning choice to represent the West this spring, the Vegas Pit Bosses.

While Cunningham would get some key catches and help put points on the board, the dynamic returner was stifled by the Pit Bosses’ 3-on-1 specialists, which was the theme for the Anthony Bartley-coached squad, as they would have 134 total yards at the end of the first frame.

With five interceptions on an OTT team trying to find a solution at Quarterback, the Pit Bosses led by Trey Robinson and devastating athletes Anthony Smith and Robert Burns would remain undefeated and head into the holiday break with a 54-6 win over the first-year-squad.

Upcoming Action

The A7FL Nevada returns to action on the Silver State Sports and Entertainment Network on January 8th, beginning with the OTT battling the Hunters at 10 am, a burgeoning grudge match between the Pit Bosses and Kryptonite at noon, and the day ending with the Insomniacs looking to get their first win of the season against the Vegas Gold.

For more information on A7FL Nevada, head to!

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